Celebrating Father’s Day Hales Style

Father’s Day is around the corner and we be celebratin’. My four little munchkins and I live with the a super dad and we are gearing up to treat him like the hero he is, with a super hero themed Father’s Day. Are you stuck on how to show the dad in your life he is super duper? Look no further. Just click and print/purchase/make with these awesome ideas. Also, check out my Father’s Day Super Hero Pinterest board for lots more inspiration.

Let’s talk decorations. Here is what I’m planning. How fun are these free printables from the Dating Divas. Our table is going to look awesome with these food picks, pop can wraps, food tent cards and napkin rings. Also, as a side note I love these women. They have such fun and creative ideas to date your husband and make him feel special every day. You should check them out!


Image via The Dating Divas

Ok next, I need a banner for our chicken wire frame in our kitchen. I should totally write a post on that quick and fun project. But I digress. Back to the banner. This one is perfect.FathersDayPreview.jpg

Image Via My Delightful Designs

How about putting a pair of Dad’s own “Clark Kent” kind of glasses on his dinner plate. happy-fathers-day-diy-glasses-printable-template.jpg

Image Via Mr. Printables

I love this table set up from Workman Family Blog. Super simple and clever. Primary colour paper plate and cups so smart. ‘Cause honestly if I don’t have to do dishes, I won’t. Also, I think I need to find me some Dad’s Root Beer. Love it!6a00d83451d64f69e20133f1896553970b.jpg

While we’re on the topic of tables, let’s talk food. I searched for quite some time for the perfect menu, worthy of a super hero dad and I came across this, “30 Father’s Day recipes that are better then a tie”. I literally had to wipe drool of my key board. The title didn’t disappoint. They ARE way better then a tie. By far the best round-up of recipes I came across. I want to make them all! I am giving cyber props to the authors of The Adventure Bit blog. They curated the ultimate Father’s Day menu. Fathers-Day-Recipes-Roundup.jpg

Image Via The Adventure Bite

Alright. Decorations. Check. Food. Check. Next up gifts. Let’s spoil that super man. Thin on funds. Gotcha covered. Look at this Super Dad’s Coupon Book. Dad is going to love it and it’s the gift that keeps on giving for a little while longer.Fathers-Day-Super-Dads-Coupon-Book-.jpgImage Via The Easy Green Mom

How about this super sweet poem. Add it with a picture and it’s prefect for dad’s office desk.superheroupclose.jpg

Image Via Create Craft Love

Here is a couple more ideas that takes a bit more money, talent and time but super worth it. Pun intended.

This free printable card and mason jar lid toppers are amazing! Fill jars with dad’s favourite candy. I’m planning on making this.Superhero-Fathers-Day-Gift-Idea-180x180.jpg

Image Via Sandy Toes and Popsicles 

This last one is this gem. Another blog I love to follow is Shanty 2 Chic. If you love a good DIY you need to check these ladies out. These girls will take you through this project step by step. But honestly how sweet is this with all the hand prints. Fathers-Day-Gift.jpg

Image Via Shanty 2 Chic

Do you have a bit of money spend on daddy? Here are a few ideas. This mug totally made me LOL and seriously is begging to be added to our growing mug collection. il_570xN.779586457_8sgi.jpg

Image Via Zoey Birdy Etsy Shop

Does dad need a new shirt. How about these.999999-693401534191.jpg

Image Via Walmart Canada


Image Via Walmart Canada


Image Via Nap Time Creations Etsy Shop

Alright, I have one last completely unrelated super hero gift idea. I think any dad might approve of it. I happened to stumbled across this razor blade subscription from Harry’s. I signed up for the free trial and I am super pumped to gift it to our super hero. If he likes it, they offer razor blade subscriptions (you sign up, they send razors in the mail automatically, as often as your man needs) and other cool shaving products. Check them out for more details.product-card-trial-1f8f50bf24ba04781f5418cadd75c16aeb58be7b0903214c850167db38884514.jpg

Image Via Harry’s

Well, I don’t know about you but I am pumped to be celebrating our hard working, ever sacrificing, tender hearted, strong, super dad. And I hope this has got your creative juice flowing to celebrate the father in your life. I’ll have a follow-up post in the coming weeks to show you how we put some of these ideas into action.


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