Father’s Day Reminiscing 2016

Before we dive in. I know some have you have been eagerly waiting this news. My Etsy shop, Hales Photo Studio is open for business! O.K. Go check it out but come right back to follow-up with how we celebrated Father’s Day in the Hales house.

Welcome Back.

Father’s Day was last week. There has been some interest in Instagram for me to share how our Super Hero Father’s Day celebration turned out.

I try and tailor celebrations to the individual being celebrated. I think it shows them an extra bit of love. It that says I notice and care about the things that make you happy, things you find enjoyment in, ways you best enjoy relaxing, little details that only that person would notice or find a smile in. Father’s Day is one of those celebrations that we as a family can show extra care and attention for Dad. We can show him that we have taken the time to study him. Learn what he likes and dislikes. It always fun and challenging to come up with something that individual will enjoy and like.

Daddy is a geek. I admit so am I and proud. We both love Star Wars, Marvel, DC and Si-Fi films. We speak in movie quotes often. He loves meat, potatoes, chocolate, desserts, bacon. He enjoys quirkily and interesting products. He roots for the Toronto Blue Jay. GO JAYS GO! He frequently comments that he can’t get home fast enough from work to be with us. On evenings and weekend that are free he tends to relax and putter around the house. As soon as I stumbled across the Father’s Day Superhero Gift and Free Printable from Sandy Toes and Popsicles I knew what direction to take.


Sunday was a jam-packed day. Our second oldest had her ballet recital that morning.


It took up the entire morning. So by the time we got home Cohen, our eldest son, shuffled Daddy off to do a walking scavenger hunt. An idea he came up with all by himself. I wish I had a video or pictures to show because by the narrative my husband shared, it was too cute.  He took a notebook and pen and came up with things they had to find. Things like: a flower, a twig, a man and a woman walking together, a dog, something green. He had the two of them out for about half and hour searching for things in, “God’s creation”. It was enough time to quickly decorate and begin preparing dinner.

Decorations were simple and easy to create with these free printable from My Delightful Designs and The Dating Divas


I forgot to take a picture of our full kitchen table all set and ready to eat.

The gifts were a hit.

IMG_6986IMG_6989IMG_7051Summer Blog Title

Dinner was delicious if I do say so myself. As per the father’s request we had artisan sausages, twice baked potatoes with all the toppings and corn on the cob. Dessert was an amazing creation from Cooking with Janica.


“Not Your Father’s Root Beer Bacon Potato Chip Pretzel Caramel Cookie Dough Bars Recipe” is as mouthwatering as it sounds. Note: it is best eaten the day its make. The chips go a bit soft the next day. But I assure you there will not be anything left by the second day.


To end our day, there was meltdowns, short words, and early bed tuck-ins. Although the ending to Father’s Day was less than ideal, perfection is not the goal. We wanted to uplift and honor a tremendous Dad. One who shows endless care and love for our family and ceaselessly strives to pursue Christ. We are blessed beyond measure by this guy!



4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Reminiscing 2016

  1. Everything was wonderful. Great planning and execution! He’s a lucky man too for having such a creative loving woman doing such thoughtful things. What an example you set for your children! Well done! 🙂


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