Hales Homestead Halloween Tour (or the triple H tour)

**Disclaimer: All photographs are mine and I am not affiliated with any of the retailers or products mentioned. Also, my house does not look like this on the regular. If you want to see it in real time check out my Instagram account.**

Today is Halloween and I thought would be the right time to share our Halloween home tour. I think there is only two type of Halloween people. Those who all out love it and those who are only here for the candy. I’m the latter. However, I love to celebrate just about anything and making a home full of memories. So we decorate for Halloween but you’ll see in our home it’s not scary but rather fun. Please com’ on in.img_8829img_8826

I love that at the end of the season things are drastically marked down. Like these sweet candy corn and cutie Halloween face banners from Michaels Craft Store. They were marked down 40%. Each cost 5 dollars. That is well within the budget and #halesthesecond and I were able to get our craft on. I say win, win.


I am big on reusing what you already have in your house in new ways. I start any decorating by stripping the whole space down to its furniture bones. (spooky language right! Ha! Ha!) Then I add things slowly. I’m always tweaking, adding, removing or moving. Nothing ever looks the same from day to day. Most of our decorations can be found from the dollar store and have been accumulated slowly over the years. Last year we welcomed the crows (from Dollarama), this year the little mice silhouettes were added (also from Michaels and significantly reduced in price).


To also save time and money I decorate mostly according to season and not to the specific holiday. Let me explain. I decorate mostly for fall. White pumpklins and gourds, wheat and cotton stocks. I add that to my existing decor and then I swap out a few fall items for more holiday specific items, such as black pumpkins, bats, crows and the odd skeleton.


For those of you thinking, “She’s got four kids, one of which is a toddler, how does she keep those mice on the stairs?” Let me say, I don’t. HA! I literally uncrumpled them from a ball just before taking this picture and they are just leaning up again the stair riser. One of their tails is just mostly torn off too. HA! My husband asked the same thing when I originally put them up. Again I got these little guys for a song and actually have extras still in the packaging tucked away for this purpose.


It took me 15 minutes to add Halloween decorations to the already seasonal decor. All my fall and Halloween stuff, fits nicely in to a large storage container. If it doesn’t fit in the bin, something must go so the lid can close.


Beside the front hall bench is our front table. It only looks this clean once a week and only on Tuesdays. Wow, Candace that is super specific. Yep, it coincides when we host our churches weekly Bible study. Coincidence? I think not.


Arn’t those little spider legs holding that little white pumpkin adorable? It’s actually a cupcake holder! Another discounted Michaels find.



I am not a huge fan of this tassels garland but the kids love them. They sway when the door opens and closes and when the sun catches it they shimmer off the walls. I can see why they love them so much.



Down the hall in our kitchen is our chicken wire frame. I wanted this frame to be filled with these super cute free printable thankful leaves from Ella Claire Blog. She is one of my favourite bloggers by the way and you should go check her out. I love her style. But I digress. Back to the printable leaves. I didn’t really follow through filling them out and hanging them but that’s ok. #gracenotperfection right girls?! I even had one of the girls little friends fill one out. Maybe next year I’ll have every guest fill one out. The leaves dangling from the ceiling is an idea from #halesthesecond. She came home from school back in September with her backpack filled with leaves and suggested they would look cute hanging from strings from the ceiling. Once I calmed down from the huge tail of leaves all over the house, man! She was right! It is super cute. Recently, I just added some flying bats behind them and BAM! Pooksey, as #halesthethird used to say.


Off the kitchen is our coffee bar welcomes you into the living room. This is still a work in progress. I am still thinking about what should go on that wall. Shelves or a giant chalkboard? This is a fun place to add some little halloween touches.


Once you have grabbed your cuppa jo or tea, ‘witch’ever poison you prefer. (Mwah ha ha) Dork, I know. Come and sit a spell in front of the fire. I couldn’t resist.




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Thanks for coming along for the Hales Homestead Halloween Tour. I hope this gives you some ideas for your own home. I would love to hear your thoughts and how you love to decorate for Halloween.