Easy DIY Rosemary Place Marker (elevate your paper napkins)

Are you hosting a meal this Christmas? Are you wanting to take your paper napkins and your place settings up a notch? I am a firm believer that to make something look beautiful doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, just a bit of time and creativity. I also believe it’s the small touches that make your guests feel extra special. Do you happen to have baker’s twine and rosemary hanging around your kitchen after stuffing your Christmas bird? Then, you, my friend, have the makings of super simple, easy and not to mention aromatic place markers for your guests. Paper napkins have never looked so good!




Aren’t these little rosemary wreaths the cutest!

Here is what you need:

  • Scissors
  • Twine and/or floral wire
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • small gift tags
  • pen



Super simple right?! You probably have all these things on hand right now, or nothing a quick trip to the grocery store can’t fix.

After doing a few of these, I think I perfected a quick and easy way of assembling them. First, chose sprigs that are relatively the same length and cut a piece of string about six inches long. You can always trim the string ends afterwards if they are too long for your liking, but longer is better to knot with.


Next lay your sting out vertical and lay the rosemary horizontal over top of the string. The ends should over-lapping. Knot them together.



Once the ends are secured cut another piece of string, this one about four inches. This step is a bit finicky but don’t give up. Take the two free ends of the rosemary, cross them and tie them off with the string, knotting as tight as you can. You don’t want all your hard work slipping way once you let go. Then trim those ends as close as you can get it. At this point, if you don’t like the look of the twine showing you can always use floral wire instead. I didn’t have any on hand and I knew that tiny knot would be hidden behind a napkin, so I went ahead.



At this point, you can use the one string you knotted previously at the bottom and tie it into a bow or you can cut a second piece and tie that string over the knot into a bow, so you have four strings hanging down when finished, like in the very first picture shown above. It’s completely up to you and what you prefer.



And there! You’re done! You made the most adorable rosemary wreath. Now, just repeat all the steps to make as many wreaths as you need. Once your done you just have to write your guests names on little gift tags.


Slip a napkin through the wreath, tuck the little tag in the center of your wreath and you’re done!


Sounds like too much work? Don’t worry I have you covered. How about just tying the two springs together at the bottom and forgoing knotting them at the top?


Still too much work? No problem! Take a single spring of rosemary and tie a little bow on one end. Slide it into the small tag hole and place on top of the napkin.


Still a bit too much work fiddling around with tying knots? I hear ya! How about tucking a couple small sprigs underneath the small tag? Simple and still beautiful.


Go ahead! Take your place settings up a notch this Christmas.

One last little tip. If this seems overwhelming, making these the day before or the morning of your big dinner, I totally agree. How about set your whole table up to a week in advance. I have a girlfriend mention to me a while back that her mom would always set the table days in advance. To ensure it didn’t collect dust, grime or attract little hands that feel the need to touch, she would lay a piece of plastic wrap over top each place setting. On the day of your meal, remove plastic wrap. Beautiful place settings without the stress.


From The Hales Homestead to yours Merry Christmas!





Kid’s Memory Boxes

What do you do with all that paper? All those cards? All those awards? It’s overwhelming enough with just one child. But add in two, three or in my case four and the memorabilia becomes just about suffocating.

After I was married my mom gave me a box full of little odds and ends that she collected from my childhood. It was fun to go through to see my interests as I grew, memorable moments and significant achievements. At the end of each school year she would sift through that mounds of papers that would come home from my and my sisters desks, lockers and backpacks and she would tuck away items of significance. As we got older she would let us chose things we valued and she would slip in a few other items she thought we would appreciate when we were older.

I have edited that box once and I think it is a sweet little time capsule of my childhood and adolescent years. My kids have enjoyed searching through it and seeing old pictures of me, looking through my old Pogs collections (yep I’m a nineties child) and discovering my old Gameboy. I loved the idea of keeping treasured moments and memories to take out and remember and admire over the years.

When my eldest began school I thought it was a great time to start his memory box. I had already collected a bunch of cards, baby clothes, and other baby odds and ends in a box. I sorted though it and kept what I thought he would appreciate when gets older.


What you’ll need:



(BUYING TIP: You can also check out your local dollar store they usually have the manilla file folders on hand and a fraction of the price)


HANGING FILE FOLDERS (depending on the type of box you get)



Now that your all set with all your materials all you have to do is print and file away.
I love this school year memory keeper printable
from Confessions of a Homeschooler. She has two sets of free printables. One that says ‘School Memories’ and another that says ‘Homeschool Memories’, but if you check out my Pinterest board School Memory Box there is some other great printables too. I glued these to the front of the hanging file folder. This printable also comes with file folder labels that has grade numbers. This printable also fits their school pictures and with the clear bins you can see who each bin belongs to clearly. But for added clarity I borrowed by friends Critcut die cutting machine and cut out the kids names for the front of each bin.
With your box all set up, it’s just a matter of sorting through all the papers. I heard a great tip about what to keep and what to toss when it comes to your children’s sentimental items. Keep only that which your kids love and treasure, that way when it comes to parting with the box its easier for you and when you pass it over to your child he/she will love getting all the memories they have treasured through their childhood. So if that hand turkey full of feathers and glitter makes their face beam with pride and they can’t stop talking about it and showing it off to anyone who visits but makes you groan, keep it. It’s their hand-made treasure and something they value and will remember for years.


I also love to start off the school year with a questionnaire and see how their answers change from year to year. My Pinterest board has a few different questionnaires. I use this free printable from Petite Lemon


As for large pieces of art or other items that won’t fit in the box take a picture and put the pictures into the file folders. This saves space and they are still able to have something to  remember it by.

Throughout the year I toss various art, awards, odds and ends in the file folder and some years there just is too much to keep. At the end of each school I go through it and pare if down so it fits neatly into the file folder.


As for baby clothes or special blankest I used the Ziplock vacuum seal suit case bags to shrink those items down to save space and protect them.

I hope this help you with keeping your children’s special memorabilia. If you have any questions shoot me a note and I’ll be happy to answer it. Also, if you have any other great memory keeper ideas I would love to hear them!

Thanks for stopping by the Hales Homestead.